Birth doula tools

Birth doula tools



  • The Peanut Ball is another great tool for birthing.The FITBall brand Peanut Ball is a high quality exercise ball which can be used for women in labo

  • Yoga ball: ball. I have a extra yoga ball in case the birth center or hospital is accupied .

  • Unlimited access to birth tools

  •  Rice sock- education on how to create your own

  •  Rebozos:Sifting, or jiggling, the entire abdomen can relax tight ligaments and may help a baby rotate in pregnancy or labor more easily, and help a birthing woman relax into her labor.
  • free Battery operated candles:

  • These battery operated candles will set the mood perfectly at a birth!  They flicker just like real candle       and the battery will last for 40-50 hours  And don't worry...they are unscented
  • Honey stick or GU carb packs Women in labor often need a quick burst of energy. Honey sticks  or GU can provide exactly what a laboring mom or drowsy partner needs.
  • free Small combs:Small but powerful! These two little combs can be used by laboring women to help release their body's natural endorphins. There are acupressure points that lie right where along the creases of the hand where the fingers meet the palm. Show your clients how to grip the combs during contractions. Bring out the body�s natural pain killers or at least cause a little distraction.
  •  Prenatal calming CD: hypno birthing / hypno babies / blissful born
  • I have expanded my prenatal lending library with a relaxing cd designed to awaken intuition. Spoken with healing words, guided imagery and sounds, 'Prenatal Peace & Calming(TM)' connects an expectant woman with her growing baby. The therapeutic sounds of this cd can even be used in labor
  • free and included with birth doula fee 750.00